Mischa’s Doodles, Klarälven Doodles Sophie (Soof)

Soof has a red fur with a few white marks. She loves to cuddle, can run very fast and jumps really high. She likes playing with a ball.

Soof is a mini labradoodle. A size that is big enough to be called a “real dog” and small enough to travel almost everywhere.

In November 2022 she has been screened and tested in Holland so now we know for sure that she is healthy for breeding! Soof has a pedigree and off course her puppies will also have one. We only work with real Australian Labradoodles that are screened and tested. We hope to have a litter from Soof somewhere in 2023.

Date of Birth28-09-2021
prcd-PRA normal
Eyes Free
HipsOFA Good
Patella 0/0
ColourRed with white Markings
FurWavy Fleece